Introduction from David Dawson, CEO of the British Chamber of Business in Southern Africa

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David Photo CROPThe British Chamber of Business finds itself in an increasingly public and influential position in the South African business landscape and is a respected business organisation, representing our constituency. The membership is made up of UK companies operating in South Africa and beyond as well as SA companies with trading or investment links to the UK. We work closely with our HMG colleagues to promote the bilateral trading relationship, one which, along with social and cultural relationships, goes back hundreds of years.

The Chamber itself is just over 50 years old, although it has gone through something of a re-boot in recent years. We have offices in Johannesburg and Cape Town and many UK companies and members benefit from the services and events we provide. Everything from regular business briefings with leaders from business, politics and government, to product launches, receptions and other bespoke assistance.

The Chamber is also well positioned as an interlocutor between the business community and both the UK and SA Governments. We participate in provincial and national government engagement with a view to enhancing the business environment in which we all operate.

SA is the UK’s most important trading partner in Africa and Africa itself is growing apace, qualitatively as well as by volume. The UK is a trusted partner in many spheres and the Chamber is well placed to do its part in promoting our mutual national business interests and furthering the interests of UK companies and our members.


David Dawson
CEO of the British Chamber of Business in Southern Africa


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