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At TMF Group we have unrivalled expertise to help you do business in South Africa by providing direct access to on the ground experts to help your company remain compliant with local rules and regulations, and provide firm foundations for your company’s success.

Our core services can help companies of all sizes with HR and payroll, accounting and tax, corporate secretarial, international corporate structuring and structured finance – whether a company wants to globalise, or whether they need support to streamline existing operations.

With operations in more than 80 countries, TMF Group is the global expert that understands local needs.  We can provide you with a single point of contact to coordinate the day-to-day management of your outsourced operations, and ensure clear communication across multiple jurisdictions. Global reach, local knowledge: helping you do business seamlessly across borders. 

The fastest way to setup your business in South Africa

TMF Group has offices in Johannesburg and Cape Town. Our client-focused team of experienced accountants, company secretaries, lawyers and paralegals are supported by strong, professional administrators with a proud record of excellence.

Our clients include all of the leading South African and a number of international banks and we work closely with all of the major law firms in South Africa.  We also provide a range of services to a number of listed local and international companies.

The Company was formed in 2003, with an initial focus on the securitisation industry. The service range has expanded over time to cover the following broad suite of corporate business solutions:

Our Accounting and Tax services:

  • Design and implement internal accounting systems, software & controls

  • Maintain daily, monthly and annual accounting records

  • Prepare monthly management reports

  • Prepare annual audit files

  • Draft annual financial statements in accordance with applicable standards

  • Register for all tax types, prepare tax returns and ensure tax compliance

  • Act as Public Officer (Tax representative)

  • Manage accounts payable and receivable

  • Manage bank accounts


Find out more about our Accounting and Tax services here

Our Payroll services:

  • Set up the payroll systems & controls

  • Recruitment

  • Draft employment contracts

  • Register with applicable authorities

  • Administer payroll

  • Calculate, submit and pay employees tax (PAYE), UIF, SDL and Workman’s Compensation (WCA)

  • Calculate all types of leave

  • Prepare monthly payslips and annual IRP5

  • Pay salaries and wages

  • Prepare payroll reports

  • Expatriate services

Find out more about our Payroll services here

Our Company Secretarial services:

  • Meeting management

  • Company administration

  • Correspondence

  • Provide shelf companies

  • Company registrations

  • Maintain statutory books

  • Process agent services

  • Registered Office (Process agent)

  • Local representative

Find out more about our Corporate Secretarial services here

Our Trust and Corporate services:

  • Company and trust administration

  • Escrow agent

  • Transfer agent

  • Calculation and paying agent

  • Security / Enforcement agent

  • Accounting, tax and company secretarial services tailored for special purpose vehicles

  • Independent trustee and director services

Find out more about our Structured Finance services here

Our Corporate Governance services:

Corporate governance services for listed companies, multinationals, NGOs and corporate trusts, e.g.:

  • Board evaluations

  • Board and committee governance audits

  • King IV compliance audits

  • Draft board and committee mandates

  • Manage board, shareholder and board committee meetings

  • Draft board and shareholder minutes and resolutions

  • Comply with the Companies Act and the listings requirements

  • Draft or review company policies

Find out more about our Corporate Governance Services here


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